What we aim for


We enable people,
choosing to live sustainably.

What we strive for

Our philosophy

Unsere AiData World ist das Zukunftsbild unseres Unternehmens. Im Zentrum unserer AiData World stehen unsere Produkte AiData green und AiData me, aus welchen sich der AiData Score ergibt – die Suchmaschine, um nachhaltiges Handeln von Unternehmen bewerten und erkennen zu können.

We want to inform. We want to show how everyone can hear, see, feel, taste and experience with all their senses what sustainability is, how everyone changes the world with their actions.

We enable people to choose such a lifestyle. This is our contribution to making the world a more sustainable place and thus a better place.


More about drives

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim

He has published in peer-reviewed journals and leading information systems conferences on topics as diverse as quantitative trading strategies, time series forecasting and modeling, artificial intelligence, especially artificial neural networks, and energy economics. He is co-editor of the Journal of Forecasting and Secretary General and founding member of the Forecasting Financial Markets Association. Prof. Dr. von Mettenheim is the inventor of the Artificial Intelligence based algorithm that has been ingesting data since 2015, has been used and tested in research and teaching by various chairs of renowned universities in Oxford, Glasgow and Paris, and can now be described as a Big Data approach. Prof. Dr. von Mettenheim has made the applications resulting from this algorithm available in full to AIDATACHAMPIONS GmbH in order to create commercially viable and profitable business models from them. Prof. Dr. von Mettenheim is responsible at AIDATACHAMPIONS GmbH for the products and their further technical development.

Marcus Göhler

Mr. Göhler is also Managing Director of AIDATACHAMPIONS GmbH and, in addition to representing the company externally, is responsible in particular for sales, sales communication, communication with social networks and the implementation of sales strategies.

Andreas Muth

For approx. 30 years, Mr. Muth has mainly advised entrepreneurs on tax and economic issues, on strategy and financing, on M&A projects, is a specialist consultant for corporate succession as well as a sparring partner and coach. In recent years, Mr. Muth has also been active as a member of the supervisory board of several companies and as a speaker. As a shareholder of AIDATACHAMPIONS GmbH, Mr. Muth is responsible for corporate strategy, the development of the administrative structure as well as economic and financial issues.